Each Friday night Vallejo Drive’s two cafés open for dinner, music and conversation. vDrive Café is open from 6:30-9p and is the place for high school upperclassmen to hang out, play ping pong and air hockey with a little conversation on relevant life issues mixed in. StillWater Café, open from 7:30-10p is the comfortable, relaxed spot for college students and young adults to enjoy good food and conversation. Discussions and presentations in StillWater can range from the very practical to the extremely heretical. Nothing is off limits. Both groups welcome performers to their café stages, artists to show their work on the café walls and invite local bands to perform in the chapel or courtyard. Learn more at the ST4GE Website or contact Mindy Bielas.


 Sabbath School: 9:45 AM
 Worship: 11:00 AM
 Praxis: 10:00 AM
 The Well: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Contact us:

300 Vallejo Dr
Glendale, CA, 91206
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(818) 246-2476