Children’s Worship

Vallejo Drive has created sacred spaces for children ages 4-12 to worship God. After hearing the children’s story in the sanctuary worship service, kids are invited to one of three age-appropriate spaces where they interact with a scripture story through the creative storytelling of their worship leader and by working with the story materials and craft materials that offer children the opportunity to reflect and create in response to what the Bible says. The worship space for ages 4 - 6 is in room 204, and the space for ages 7 - 9 is in room 202; both rooms are on the upper level of the Education Wing. The worship space for ages 10 - 12 is in the chapel with entrance on the lower level.

These spaces are designed for children who are comfortable without their parents’ supervision so that the entire room’s focus can be centered on God and His story without distraction. There are activity bags available at the Hostess Desk in the lobby for children who would rather stay with their parents in the sanctuary. For more information on children’s church, contact the church office or Debbie Hittle, Director.


 Sabbath School: 9:45 AM
 Worship: 11:00 AM
 Praxis: 10:00 AM
 The Well: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Contact us:

300 Vallejo Dr
Glendale, CA, 91206
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